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Diandra Reviews It All 

Pennycook is a beacon of energy that makes you want to grab a pink scarf, and lock yourself in the Dean’s office with her. 

Theatre Is Easy 

Malena Pennycook excels as Liz, who follows the example of her feminist forebears and provides a sterling example for the ladies on campus who, thanks to her, question reality and find new ways to assert themselves.          

Stage Biz

The Bats energetically embrace “Ms. Estrada” and its gender politics – politically correct or otherwise.  They and the show are ensemble-based, but Malena Pennycook's Liz is a strong presence with an equally strong singing voice. 

Theatre Mania

With the piercing eyes of John Brown, Pennycook leads the cast with real revolutionary fervor. Her physical and vocal commitment to her maniacally driven character is reminiscent of Rachel Bloom in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It may look absurd to us, but everything is grounded in real stakes for her.                          

Lighting and Sound America

the Bats, the Flea's resident company, are always a pleasure to watch. This time out, Malena Pennycook makes a strong impression in the title role

NC Theatre Stories 

Pennycook gives a beautiful performance - sweet but never nauseatingly so. 

Pennycook elevates the role of Molly from that of a love interest to quite possibly my favorite character in the show.

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